Mar 16, 2013

Is peace is difficult to achieve?

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved lecturer,
and my dear friends.

I’m standing here in front of you today, not to give a joke,but i’m going to share, about something that you never realized before.
My friends,
The rohingya are a muslim ethnic minority living in northern Arakan state in western Burma. They face religious discrimination at the hands of Burma’s military regime, which doesn’t recognize the Rohingya as citizens of Burma. The regime does not consider the Rohingya people as one of the 135 legally recognized ethnic minority groups in Burma, leaving the Rohingya stateless, homeless and rightless.In Ghaza , Number of Palestinian wounded is 60 as Israel launched 43 raids in less than 7 hours.and the latest , war in lahad datu, in about 2 weeks, 8 policemen died.Imagine,how if they were your father? Or how if you are in their place? A refugee in your own land? I love a song by Michael heart,entitled “we will not go down in gaza tonight” –we will not go down, in the night without the fight, you can burn up our mosque,our home and our school,but our spirit will never die.
My dear friends,  why can’t we live in peace? Why should the people died merciless because of war ? Too many questions in my head and this is what i’m going to share with you, “is peace is difficult to achieve?” some said yes it is hard. Live in peace is what everyone is craving for but don’t ever dream about it. It is impossible, they said. However, my friends, actually, peace is not difficult to achieve. We can live in peace ,  it is not impossible. What is peace actually? Peace is freedom. So what does we have? How to achieve peace? Albert Einstein said, peace cannot be kept by force, it only can be achieved by understanding. How to achieve peace?
   First of all, Please look at your hand for a moment. Hold it up, palm facing you. We all have five fingers, but the first we call a thumb. In appearance it looks different. It stands out. And it is strong. It represents freedom of speech, the idea that stands out, that stands up to dishonesty and corruption. Our government should play their role in preventing the corruption from happen. Corruption will abuse human right. If a country just ignore the dishonesty and corruption, everything will be not fair. Corruption in court, corruption in legal cases. Corruption in economy. So where is the justice? If there is no corruption, people can get their right. We can live in peace.
      Next, look at your index finger. We point with this one. It gives us direction. It represents freedom of religion. Each of us is free to have our own relationship with God without the state telling us what that relationship must be. Interference by the state pollutes the relationship with God. No once can stop us from practising our religion. Stop being racial. We should respect and accept each other. Because we are all brother and sisters, no matter what our skin colour, our religion or our race is. We can live in peace.

Third is the middle finger, the longest of all. It represents freedom from want, the long road of existence, and the certainty that there will be food, water, shelter, education, and health care for every one of us no matter where we may be on that road. If people get their right,what they needed. There will be no unsatisfying,there will be no riot.we can live in peace. People should stop being selfish . it is more better if they used their money to built new houses for homeless people, to built the facilities like school, hospitals than spend it in war , a war that take away the children’s life.
Next, for many of us, is the marriage ring finger, either the right or the left hand, and for all of us, a finger with a direct link to our nervous system. It represents freedom for  the environment. Life. We all have a direct link to the Earth and the ecosystem of which we are a part. When the life of the Earth is spoiled, our lives are spoiled. So we should take a good care of our environment. Stop the pollution. Save our earth . so then we can live in peace, without rubbish.
Finally, there is our “little finger,”  shorter and smaller than the rest. It represents freedom from fear. It’s the “finale” of our hand, our reward. All the others lead to this one. Freedom from fear means we can go to anywhere, we can do anything without feel afraid of being killed by the dirty hand. How can we live without fear ? by spreading the love.Martin luther king jr said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness:,only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” 
Means that, if the people love each other, there will be no hatred, there will be no war. We can live in peace. so peace is not difficult to achieve.

As you take a look at your hand,recount the Five Freedoms,1, freedom of speech,we should stop the corruption.second,freedom of religion,stop being racial.third,freedom to get our necessities and stop being selfish,fourth,freedom for the environment and stop the pollution,lastly, freedom from fear,stop the war,spread the love.
My friends,
 remember that you didn’t ask for that hand, you were born with it. So too, you do not have to ask for the Five Freedoms, you were born with them. Peace and prosperity are not impossible. They can be attained through the realization of five fundamental freedoms, for all people, everywhere in the world. I’m sure , When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others. Is peace is difficult to achieve? No it’s not. Peace is not difficult to achieve. Last but not least, I would like to share a beautiful quote with you , Bob Marley said, Don't Gain The World & Lose Your Soul, Wisdom Is Better Than Silver Or Gold. Everyone let say, “Peace ! “ ^^V so thats all from me,remember, peace begin with a smile. thankyou.
p/s : text speech utk bel, saja je post kat sini. hihi.

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