Mar 3, 2013

Take a look into my eyes, 9 march is around the corner

Assalamualaikum :)

alhamdulillah wal hamdulillah.

dunia sekarang ni panas sesangat right ? rasa macam terbakar kulit. ecewahh :D tajuk pada hari ini,hurm.. okay , to be serious , i just wanna share a few things. that is, its only a month left before i finish my foundation. then will start a new phase of life, a new chapter of my life novel. so i think i should appreciate it as foundation only happens once in a life time is it? but yeah , i dont think that everything will be all right. i mean , its differ now. if last sem i'll cry but this sem i think i'll not. chin up, im not done yet. *what im talking about ? =.=" okay, ignore this.stay strong , at least i should be proud with my self.

act like a cool one, huh ?

it's just me, and my awkward feeling.  back to the topic. whassup with 9th march ? am i getting married at that day ? oh kulfavor, its not like that . :') i hope so, but its too early meyy. actually, it's my born-date. i still remember last year , one of my friend, kak farah sent me a pashmina on my birthday. the first present i got from my penpal. :') thanks kak farah, and also thanks to fiqri, an university student in Jakarta. He did sent me a hb text every year since few years ago ! it touch me ya know, dapat sms daripada Jakarta, nombor rare kot. ahaha. *jakun sikit* at least, feel like dihargai gitu, makasih ya? :')

Actually, i dont want gifts , or chocs , or diamonds. i just want you to appreciate me. who are you ? anyone who know me. anyone who loves me. either you are my family, my friends or my whatever. so yeah i'm excited to go home on this 9th march . gonna celebrate my birthday with my family and muet test is the first gift that i'll get. :p hope everything will be fine. will be back on 9th night. i just wish i can spend my time with you guys. I know that all of us are too busy , studying and doing stuffs like debate and else. oh yup, I hate this thing, a person who like to give a bad comment on something. if you want people to respect you, please respect other people first. please, it's not fair if you want us to follow your way , because we dont have a same thought dont you think so?

back to the topic again, i wish i can spend a day after my birthday with someone that sincerely love me just the way i am. Ya, semoga Allah akan makbulkan doa yang tak seberapa penting ini. well, i can wait for the real one datang kan ? ngee~  feel like gonna celebrae my birthday alone. sokeyh, I'm strong enough to face all this. :') ah, baru habis test, so emosi tidak berapa gembira sebab ada musyaqqah sikit..biasa la, budak baru nak belajar. so, thats all for now. i leave you all with this, klik here please. fav song :')

haha, x sabar nak sambut ke apa ? :'D

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