Jan 3, 2013

Crazy enough

hai assalamualaikum~

nothing much to share,
hari ni kelas psycho habis lewat so agak laa,letih to the max.
well, a few of vids yang baru fresh amek dr kilang tadi.
i wore a pashmina , as i myself tak selesa sangat, haha..
sebenarnya pashmina pun ohsemm~
can cover ur aurah well.
cumaaa i myself yg tak selesa.
so annoyed by myself aih..
well , tomorrow's tomorrow is my friend's birthday..so i have a plan to do kinda like prank gittew lhaa.muehehe *evilLaugh*
 but yet , secret cannot be share even to the wall aite? :D
walla~ thats all.
muka baik :D
pening ngadap lappy,mayb :p

gudnite buddies :)

and this one. 

with smiles,
1.50 am

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